Proud to be Fostered | Foster Care Fortnight 2018

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‘Proud to be fostered’

The theme of Foster Care Fortnight this year is ‘proud to support fostering.’ We are incredibly proud of all our staff, carers and young people who are part of the fostering task. Some of our amazing Looked After Children from Fostering Options have said why they are proud to be fostered, in celebration of Foster Care Fortnight 2018! We think they’re inspirational.

I am proud to have been fostered because it has given me the opportunity to achieve many things. For example, I am the youngest person in my school to have achieved the Duke of Edenborough bronze award!Shafi

I am proud to have been fostered because it has given me the opportunity to travel the world and see quite a few different countries. For example, I have been to Spain, Italy, America and Pakistan. Also, because I have been fostered for over ten years and I am so proud of my foster carers, I asked my social worker to nominate them for the OBE Award.Jarmin

I am proud to have been fostered because, despite my disabilities, my foster carers take care of me 24 hours a day. They also help me to achieve the best I can, and I have already earned the bronze Duke of Edenborough and almost reached the silver award.Maruf


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