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How do I become a foster carer?

It’s ‘how do I become a foster carer’ day! We know that the fostering process can seem confusing and daunting, so we have simplified it all for you below. What is a foster carer? Foster carers are ordinary people that come from all walks of life but are extraordinary in their ability to open their […]

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LAC Achievements

‘Proud to be fostered’ The theme of Foster Care Fortnight this year is ‘proud to support fostering.’ We are incredibly proud of all our staff, carers and young people who are part of the fostering task. Some of our amazing Looked After Children from Fostering Options have said why they are proud to be fostered, […]

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Who needs fostering FO

Who needs fostering?

It’s ‘who needs fostering’ day! We are exploring why children come into foster care and the types of children you could expect to foster as a carer. According to Coram BAAF, on the 31st of March 2017, there were 72,670 children in the care of local authorities in England. Out of those, 53,420 children were […]

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Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight 2018

It’s nearly Foster Care Fortnight! It is only TEN days until we join The Fostering Network and many, many others in celebrating the start of #FCF18 Foster Care Fortnight 2018. What better way to kick things off than participating in a Thunderclap. A Thunderclap is a coordinated, mass social media posting to raise awareness of […]

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